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LinkyCat is a choise of a modern person

It is not a secret that the Internet plays an important role in every modern person's life. Hundreds of websites with important and interesting information appear every day. A person who wants to keep up with time needs a solution for storing a lot of web bookmarks pointing to a lot of websites. Sometimes, their number reaches several thousands. Standard solutions built into browsers do not cope with the task. Many third-party solutions either cannot work with a lot of bookmarks or do it too slowly.

The rapid growth of the Internet also affected the quality of websites. A lot of sites are incorrectly displayed in some browsers due to the professional level of their developers. That is why users often have to have two or three browsers at home. Bookmark managers built into browsers turn out to be useless and uncomfortable.

A person who wants to surf the Net comfortably needs a browser-independent solution for storing a large number of bookmarks. And this program must be as comfortable and transparent as possible. All operations must be carried out intuitively. The rate of performing such frequent tasks as searching for and adding bookmarks must be really high.

Is there a solution that would suit us?

Luckily, there is such a solution. Here is the software product LinkyCat. It completely suits the needs of a modern person who surfs the Internet every day and visits its most distant corners.

LinkyCat is a powerful multifunctional bookmark manager. LinkyCat is one of the fastest bookmark managers in the world. A bookmark collection created with LinkyCat does not depend on the browser. You can move it from one computer to another, send by e-mail or publish it on your website for public access. Access to bookmarks is instant due to its powerful search system.

A bookmark is not just the URL of a resource in LinkyCat. Along with the URL, it stores its description, keywords, name, icon and a lot of useful information that will help you remember about the purpose of each bookmark in future. Moreover, you will not have to enter this data manually because the program retrieves it from the server. Also, LinkyCat automatically checks bookmarks for availability and updates.

The way bookmarks are arranged in LinkyCat can be completely similar to the hierarchy of pages on the website or the hierarchy of files and folders on the hard drive. Thus, LinkyCat is one of the best programs for storing bookmarks.

LinkyCat has a powerful system of bookmark import and export. It supports all most popular modern browsers and bookmark formats. You can easily move bookmark collections that already exist from your browsers to LinkyCat in just several mouse clicks.

You can find detailed information about LinkyCat at https://linkycat.com.

P.S. You may freely publish this article on any other resources provided that no modifications are made to it.

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